Commercial Security Solutions

Commercial security solutions demand a streamlining of camera security surveillance systems, access control, burglar alarm systems, fire detection systems, and smoke detectors for your business.

Tampa Camera Installation presents custom commercial security systems to meet your precise security requirements. Our technicians enable warnings/alerts about your business. Whether you are on-site or out of the office, accurate data reaches you in a matter of seconds.

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Solutions exclusively centered on your business

The best business security ecosystem comes with infinite possibilities. We have created a safer, healthier, and more efficient world, designed around your individual challenges. Global expertise outreaches your business with a local touch. As a major integrator of comprehensive security solutions, we offer a vast range of choices, using remote access and categorical support.

Access control
Reduce theft and violence for greater security of your facilities. Several reasons drive you to implement powerful access control. Disgruntled customers and unscrupulous employees pose risks to organizations. However, superior access control systems slash down these threats.

Our commercial access control solutions deliver more than lock and unlock features. Implement seamless regulation of all entry points throughout your organization. Ensure that only the right people have access to the right places, at the right times. Unleash our cutting-edge and scalable access control solutions.

Emergency Responder
We expedite first responders’ communications on emergencies. The installation provides emergency radio coverage to step up safety-first policies. New construction and retrofits can use it.

Fire and life safety
Devastating fires could wreak havoc on any commercial installation. So, the wise ones are always up for the next-level fireproofing strategies. Brace yourself for unexpected incidents. Fires pose a critical threat to your business. Warehouses located in fire or disaster-prone areas enjoy the best out of this protection. This resourceful and flexible setup further uplifts traditional fire-response methods.

Electronic assett surveillance
—“US retailers drop around $50 billion due to shoplifting, employee theft, and fraud.” so, commercial entities in Tampa must protect their interests and we value it to the highest degree. We 24/7protect your assets and minimize risks using top-tier surveillance techniques, stunningly effective sensors, and digital monitoring equipment.

Reusable security tags and disposable labels facilitate painless operations. Our decades of security experience caters to your organizational protection requirements. We drive down shrink to an absolute minimum. Our commercial solution fits all stores, including shoes, liquor, eyewear, sports, etc.

Motion detectors, door/window sensors, glass break sensors, and video verification turn burglary a thing of the past. The technologies make both employees and customers feel safer even in a tense business environment.

Skin temperature detection
During this COVID pandemic, you know how crucial it is for you to identify people with excessive body temperature entering your business premises. Now, you can screen them out without putting in additional labor. Thermal imaging technology gets the job done by checking out emitting infrared light.

Invisible to the naked human eyes, thermal imaging cameras precisely locate them. Show no favor to those with fever. Fast screening help avoid delayed entries. The non-contact method maintains worker safety all along.

Analytics and reporting
Highly classified and categorized data structure sensibly appears on the central command screen. It immensely expedites your decision-making capacity. A sleek dashboard and real-time report show you the right path at critical moments.

You can dig the historical data and predict the future on its basis. See, analyze, and manage the security protocols right then and there. Your whole facility pops up on your palm.

CCTV surveillance
Around-the-clock videos beef up your business security. Turn up your business intelligence in a click. We have superior technical and engineering mastery to suffice enterprise-standard video surveillance solutions. Whether you need a single camera or hundreds of cameras, we are here to help.

Efficient CCTV installations shoot down business costs and enhance the protection of your products and assets. Our cost-effective commercial protection solutions cater to your need for either a small or large-scale digital video solution. Real-time and recorded events wait at your fingertip.

Seamless integration
You must blend the surveillance tools and your security team for maximum results. We know that and we do that. So, we merge the people and machines together in a frictionless setting. Ultimate reliability springs from sophisticated monitoring kits and an impeccable consolidation of human forces.

Why does your commercial security need us?

With more than 02 decades of experience in Florida, Tampa Camera Installation has gained ultimate trust in terms of the most advanced commercial surveillance solutions. We design and implement a wide variety of protection requirements.

Regardless of the size of your business, our alarm systems, CCTV arrangements, fire & safety alerts, and insightful observations accelerate your business security in Tampa. Harmful gas & burglar warnings and exclusive access control are intricately tied down to the nuanced settings of your business facility.

Our skilled technicians go beyond your expectations in seizing a worry-free commercial ecosystem for you. Comprehensive commercial security systems identify both internal and external threats alike and then facilitate your taking initiatives to diffuse them.

We keep an eye on your budgetary constraints and maintain the highest equipment integrity within the range. The Tampa team is built for the future, durability, and effectiveness. Our custom business security solutions are rooted in today and yet prepared for tomorrow.


Your security is crucial to us. So, we deliver you the leading safety tips along with the commercial security solution. We prop up your peak efficiency, using industry-leading approaches and tailored business security systems. Thus you prevent commercial hazards, maintain business continuity, and mount adequate disaster recovery techniques at appropriate locations.

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