Home security camera companies near Tampa

Home security camera companies near Tampa

When it comes to home security camera companies near Tampa, a few options immediately come to mind. But before that, let us understand why a discussion about home security camera companies near Tampa is necessary.

According to statistics, we may lose up to $1,725 in a single burglary. Given that this is the average amount you will spend securing your property, if you are still wondering if it is worthwhile, the answer is absolute! As long as the system pays for itself and gives you peace of mind, there is no reason not to use it significantly because you can reduce the cost of your house insurance by showing the invoice to your insurance company.

Now let’s examine Tampa’s performance, especially in terms of violent crimes, followed by its performance in property crimes. Understanding whether violent crime or a property crime (or both) is the main factor in Tampa’s overall crime rate can help shed more light on the overall crime rate.
According to our data, Tampa has a higher violent crime rate than most American cities and towns of all sizes. In Tampa, there is a 1 in 179 risk that someone may be the victim of a crime like a house burglary, a serious assault, rape, or murder. This comes out to a rate of 6 per 1,000 people. These are the predominant reasons why people are going online and surfing for home security camera companies near Tempa.

Before we probe into what are some of the best home security camera companies near Tempa, let us first analyze which security systems are best for houses in Tempa.

Network Video Recorders

he Uni OS-powered Network Video Recorders (NVR) offer a straightforward and natural user interface. They are our go-to brand on a daily basis for an NVR solution for small, medium, and big clients throughout the country that desire a better quality feature set than is available with an entry-level product but do not require the enterprise features found in more expensive higher-end NVRs. At the core of our affordable entry-level security camera systems are network video recorders. NVRs, which run a Linus OS, come in a range of physical sizes and video channel capabilities to accommodate a range of application cases.

Full Color At Night

nfrared cameras may now display nighttime footage in full-color thanks to new developments in security camera technology. With their ColorHunter technology, businesses are already utilizing this unique feature to its fullest potential. With this new technology and cameras, it is possible to offer protection around the clock and in any lighting.

These cameras will function at their best all the time if you combine this with enhanced detection and recognition that helps decrease false alerts from motion sensors! The Color Hunter Technology is a cutting-edge invention that will activate warm LED Lights and provide vibrant, colorful images in the meager light. Color Hunter cameras ensure vivid details in your footage anytime you need them by pairing them with additional light for situations that are very dark.

Tri-Guard security cameras have Smart Intrusion Prevention, Color Hunter, and Active Deterrence built into them, enabling them to detect movement instantly even in low light. The camera has an 8MP, 1/2.8″ CMOS sensor, IP67 protection, supports the 9:16 corridor, and other features. In addition to the Color Hunter functionality, the Color Hunter Security Camera is jam-packed with Smart Intrusion Prevention to prevent false alerts, 0.001Lux@F1.0, which gathers four times as much light, audio and alarm functionalities, Micro SD card Support, and many more features.

Vandal Proof Security Cameras

If you want to capture important video, having your security camera covered in a commercial- or detention-grade vandal-proof housing may be helpful. A vandal-resistant enclosure may shield your security cameras from environmental or industrial hazards and prevent damage from human hands. When safety is crucial, your security cameras’ security is crucial as well. In order to ensure that your future security camera system has the appropriate amount of vandal protection, be sure to speak with your security camera specialist, explain your surroundings, and share your worries.

Now let’s probe into home security camera companies near Tampa and why these companies made a list for us:

Home security camera companies near me

Home security camera companies near Tampa: ADT

The security of their client’s property has always been their primary focus at ADT. Our nearly 6 million clients are now kept as safe and secure as possible by more than 17,000 specialists working in more than 200 sites across the United States. Nobody provides more safety options than ADT, which has 9 company-owned monitoring centers keeping an eye on you around-the-clock whether you stay home or go out. They have employees that are committed to looking after your most important possessions. Because they have gained the confidence of our clients, they are the top supplier of smart home security, and this makes them a top contender for home security camera companies near Tampa.

No matter what time of day you contact, they respond swiftly, which means their customer support and after-sale service are frequently available within a few rings. A real person will respond and stay on the line with you until they have assisted you in solving your problem.
No matter what time of day you contact, they respond swiftly, which means their customer support and after-sale service are frequently available within a few rings. A real person will respond and stay on the line with you until they have assisted you in solving your problem.

Services provided by ADT

Any time of the day a customer decides to consult them, they respond swiftly, which means their customer support and after-sale service are frequently available within a few rings. A natural person will respond and stay on the line with you until they have assisted you in solving your problem.

So Secure

The mobile security lifeline is there for you and your family.
You occasionally need immediate assistance. Sometimes all you need is someone to watch out for you. With SoSecure, you can quickly and covertly call ADT if you feel endangered, keep an eye out for loved ones in real time, or let us know when you want us to check on you. So you can go confidently whether you’re touring a new city, going for a run, going on a first date, or just going about your day.
You have three options through SoSecure for contacting ADT in case of emergency. Use the approach that is most secure in your circumstances.

• Chat SOS

• Slider SOS

• Video SOS

Smart homes

You can connect and manage your ADT security and smart devices with your voice using integration with the AI assistance that households use like Google Assistant and the ADT mobile app or from virtually anywhere with the ADT app. No matter where you are, we make smart simple. You have remote access to and control of your devices, including lights, locks, thermostats, garage doors, cameras, and, of course, your security system, with an ADT Smart Home Security System and the ADT mobile app. Your smartphone functions as a smart key for smart locks. ADT smart locks and keypads allow you to lock and open your doors remotely.

Smart Plug

You can go almost anywhere to control the lights and appliances in your smart home. You have the convenience and control to remotely turn switches on and off with ADT smart plugs and intelligent switches. Simply attach your light or other small item and plug it into any available socket. Unsure if you turned on the coffee maker? Simply disconnect the plug using the ADT app. Even if your lamp lacks a dimmer, you can still dim the lights using the ADT app. You may connect lighting and appliances to the ADT app and control them remotely using smart plugs and switches. Automate the lighting cycle to make an empty house appear occupied.
Verify that you shut off all lights and appliances before leaving your house.

Apex security systems

Areas of Expertise include Alarms, camera systems, video doorbells, keyless locks, and more are included in security services.
Intercoms, gate operators, drone photography, and remote access systems

The protection of your business and workers is important to Apex Security. They collaborate with you to meet your specific security and monitoring requirements because of this. To monitor your pipelines, refrigeration units, water levels, temperature levels, and other things, their system uses wireless access and extensive surveillance.

Using a Smartphone Login app, you can monitor and access your alarm system from anywhere, thanks to Apex Security’s wireless cybersecurity.
Their security specialists at Apex Security have the knowledge to help you select the ideal commercial security system for your building.

Among their best systems are:
  • Industrial burglary prevention
  • Video monitoring
  • Mechanisms for limiting access
  • Monitoring
  • Trustworthy communication
  • Remote entry


Vivint can help families live shrewdly in safer, smarter homes. Their whole product range works together as a single, seamless system. Use the Vivint app or hub to control your chosen Google, Amazon, and Nest devices after connecting them. They take care of everything for you. Smart Home Pros provide assistance with system installation, configuration, and setup specific to your home.

Better assistance and cleverer security. Experts from Vivint monitoring are on call and ready to assist in an emergency day or night. A safer home starts with smarter security. We are always upgrading our products and methods to provide every homeowner peace of mind and to be specific to your needs as a customer.

Their products and services include some home security camera companies near Tempa.

Home security and automation systems

Not only do Vivint home security systems document crime, but they also work to stop it. Your property is constantly safeguarded thanks to outside security cameras that see lurkers and frighten them away, a doorbell camera that spots and protects parcels, smart locks, illumination, and security sensors. These unique and distinctive features make them the best option when it comes to home security camera companies near Tampa.

A fully integrated home security system specifically designed for your house is made possible by the interaction of all of our products. There are covers for every window, door, and blind spot. You won’t utilize your home security system if it’s difficult to operate. Because of this, every one of our security and automation devices, including locks, cameras, lights, and thermostats, is connected to a straightforward platform that can be managed through an app or a hub.

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