PTZ camera auto track

PTZ camera auto track

Based on the PTZ system, auto-tracking is a supreme technology that makes the PTZ camera auto-track system more powerful. Auto tracking includes the preset of IVS rules where the camera can tilt up and down, and rotate at a 360-degree angle. Zooming from a specialized lens has added a new dimension to security cameras world. This is one of the best CCTV camera systems.
In the past decades, security cameras have been used only for security purposes. Even the cameras could identify criminals whereas the chapter on a security camera is different nowadays. PTZ camera is one of those cameras. It can not only recognize criminals or naughty persons but also can observe the target distinctly. Embellished with structured artificial intelligence algorithms, the PTZ camera can continuously track its following target. Using artificial intelligence, the camera can count the way direction. It can even calculate the speed of the moving material whereas the camera track the target distinctly.

Targeted object types of the camera

The PTZ camera auto-track has been updated to the 3.0 version. Version 3.0 has also numerous updated technologies based on the upgraded algorithm of artificial intelligence. Though people used PTZ cameras as residential security cameras in the last few years. But nowadays PTZ camera has a wide range of usage areas. You will get a proper idea of the usage field from the below points.
Random public: Random people use PTZ cameras as security cameras for building or protecting any other properties. Providing security against crime was the only reason to use these cameras before. People prefer the cameras because of the pan, tilt as well as zoom functions.
Vehicles: Besides generating video footage for protecting people from crimes, PTZ cameras are now used in other fields. People now use it for various purposes in their vehicles. Antifogging and defogging are now possible with the help of high-quality parts. These parts produce high heat to defeat fogging from the lens. PTZ camera provides IR night vision supplements, laser night vision supplements, and HD IP supplements. The PTZ camera has infrared lights and also has the multi-angle working capability. Laser night vision helps to enable the synchronous zoom option. It is also possible to preset multiple angles. Angles can be automatically adjusted in accordance with the camera functionalities.
Aircraft: Aircraft use a PTZ camera as this camera can cover a huge range of areas. There are specialized PTZ cameras that can help to observe the gear, blown tires, and brakes if it is hot or not. Sometimes this camera is used in aircraft monitoring and analysis. Surveilling the cockpit, door, cabin, etc are also depending on the PTZ camera.
Ship camera: PTZ camera is used here as professional outdoor security cameras. Distinct video surveillance in marine service is possible using the pan tilt zooming camera. This camera also takes the challenge to ensure indoor surveillance properly.

PTZ camera varieties

It is important to get an idea about the types before having PTZ cameras auto-track as security camera systems for homes or other places. There are a variety of PTZ cameras performing well in placing in different places. You can look over the points to have a concept on them.

  • PTZ camera without wires.
  • IP PTZ camera.
  • Power over Ethernet camera.
  • Analog PTZ camera.
  • Outdoor PTZ camera.
  • HDMI PTZ camera.
  • USB PTZ camera, etc.

Functionalities of outdoor PTZ camera

Installing security cameras with PTZ camera auto track can work both as outdoor and indoor security cameras. Based on the way of transmitting data, the PTZ camera has also two types. They are IP surveillance cameras and analog security cameras.
Pan tilt zoom outdoor camera including IP dispose of the data signal using the internet. It can even work by itself. Sometimes these types of security cameras comprise power over ethernet and IP cameras also.
Analog outdoor security cameras’ wireless work performs better as well. Like other DVR security cameras, this exterior analog camera uses coaxial wires to make a connection for DVR data transmission. Unlike outdoor IP cameras, the analog outdoor security camera is not able to work stand-alone. It must have a DVR connection to transform, shorten, and store the video footage.

PTZ camera auto track

Auto tracking with PTZ camera

PTZ camera auto-track system is not a very new thing. It is an upgraded technology of the PTZ camera. The auto-tracking makes a PTZ camera much more efficient than it was before. Tracking an object using auto-tracking technology is also more reliable and realistic compared to other cameras. You can preset the configuration of it that can detect different sizes of any object such as large, small, or medium. If you want to configure the camera’s tracking zone manually, it is also possible here. All the presetting will not put any negative impact on the accuracy of the tracking system.

EIS system for auto-tracking PTZ camera

EIS is an abbreviation of electronic image stabilization which is very useful for PTZ camera auto-track term. Sometimes there is a need to place and install security cameras including PTZ type. This mounted placement may affect the image quality and reduce the efficiency of video surveillance. This time, the electronic image stabilization feature comes with a suitable solution. Because this EIS system makes the PTZ camera able to become stable. EIS also helps the camera to reduce visible vibration, as well as the images, do not become blurred. Cameras with EIS features are a perfect solution in windy, foggy, and cloudy situations.

Widely used high dynamic range 

There are a variety of features in the PTZ camera auto-track module. HDR or high dynamic range is also another advanced feature found in the upgraded models.
Video surveillance in excessive daylight or deep darkness is very challenging work for any security camera. But the PTZ camera including high dynamic range (HDR) brings an effective solution in this circumstance.
The working procedure of HDR starts with extending the dynamic range of the camera by combining two separate frames. One of the frames is with a short exposure whereas another one comes with a long exposure. HDR feature binds the two frames together in real time into only one image including the best possible light. Merging the best quality-full parts of these two frames, HDR produces the best outcome in one image.

Power supply for PTZ camera

Like other security cameras, there is a need for a power supply for the PTZ camera auto-track system. Almost all the PTZ cameras need an individual wire to connect with the power supply. Cat6 Installation is one of the power supply methods used in PTZ cameras. Nowadays, new versions of PTZ cameras require power over ethernet (PoE) technology. And for generating their power supply, they need only one Cat6 cable connected from the NVR or PoE source. This cable reduces the need for any other data cabling. Because this only cable works both as a power supply as well as transmitting video footage through data control.

Characteristics of PTZ cameras

If you are determined to place a security camera then the PTZ camera auto-trck system may be helpful for you. But first of all, you need to know about the characteristics of PTZ cameras. Below are the points you can look through:
Though there were not many features included in the old version of PTZ cameras, the new version includes more things. The new version of PTZ cameras has user-controlled options. Users can control the cameras manually via a computer joystick.
These cameras also have remote control service. Users can control the camera remotely via the internet. Using the DVR feature as well as smartphones, the remote control is also possible.
There is numerous number of softwares through which individual setup is possible fo far. In this term, data/ voice cabling or any other structured cabling is not even needed. All you need is a cable for the power supply. You also can replace this power cable using the battery.
PTZ camera is able to work in low light or deep dark places. It can capture full wide ranged distinct videos or clear images even in the lowlights.
This camera has also a color night vision mood that can generate colorful footage.
Pan tilt zoom camera is capable of moving around itself. That’s why it declines the need of having more than one camera.


Hopefully, this content is beneficial for your decision-making to choose an appropriate and flawless camera for your place. Though everything has both good and bad sides. But this PTZ camera has more advantages according to disadvantages. Installation of security cameras with pan, tilt, and zooming options is comparatively easy to set up. In terms to make a decision about PTZ cameras, you can get help from the people who supply home security camera systems. Compared to other cameras, lenses, and other perspectives, the PTZ camera sounds better and more overwhelming. Software for managing video functions such as alarms, detecting motion, video recording, and video displaying is able to perform smartly. Considering all the things mentioned above, you will get a clear idea of choosing the best security camera for you.

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