Security Cameras with Artificial Intelligence

Security Cameras with Artificial Intelligence

These days, many people are writing articles about security cameras with Artificial Intelligence. The truth is far more upbeat, even though some people seem to be concerned about robot overlords and humans losing control of the planet. Do you, for instance, appreciate the way that you can search for images of your dog on your phone by simply typing in the word “dog”?

That is an example of security cameras with Artificial Intelligence in action, which makes use of the power of sophisticated computing to recognize features in an image in order to determine that the painting depicts a dog as opposed to a cat, a squirrel, or another animal. Although it might appear simple now, getting to this point required several years of steady progress in software and computational power.

Since the days when a single camera was used to record footage using a green screen and a 2-megapixel camera, security cameras have gone a long way. You ended up recording a blurry image of a figure silently teleporting across the room as the camera helplessly tried to capture the footage rather than attempting to register a perpetrator entering your site with unauthorized access. This occurred as the camera tried to record footage of the perpetrator. Not particularly useful in this case. Nowadays security cameras with Artificial Intelligence are taking over.

These days, security cameras with Artificial Intelligence can identify persons and track their activities far more quickly than the human eye can. In addition to this, they are able to differentiate between a human and an animal, as well as recognise specific facial expressions. In addition, they can distinguish the difference between human and animal emotions.

In this piece, we hope to demonstrate the capabilities of a security cameras with Artificial Intelligence and the benefits that your business may derive from making the investment in such a system.

How precisely does one give a camera its intelligence?

The capacity of security cameras with Artificial Intelligence to use machine learning and apply artificial intelligence video analytics to camera footage, which allows the system to monitor things like motions or particular events, differentiates an ordinary camera from one that is intelligent.

It accomplishes this by first searching the film in search of patterns and then identifying deviations in the ways that it has recognized. One illustration of this would be a gate that is always kept shut being broken into, after which it would be left wide open.

Security cameras with Artificial Intelligence can have numerous characteristics, such as searching for previously recorded video, insertion of tripwires, detection of scene changes, and even intelligent motion recognition. Let’s get into some of these characteristics in a little bit more depth:

Virtual tripwire installation

Virtual tripwire setup and perimeter detection are two of the most innovative capabilities that security cameras with Artificial Intelligence make available to their users. This implies that you may designate regions in the field of view of the camera by drawing lines or creating a box, and the alarm will be triggered whenever a person or vehicle enters or exits the marked area. You have the option of setting the trigger at specific periods of the day or night, in either direction or in both directions simultaneously.

You will also have the opportunity to make use of some of the other features that particular cameras have, such as flashing lights, pre-recorded voice activation systems, and the capacity to directly confront the persons using a two-way speaking system.

There are a lot of different applications for a digital tripwire that one may employ. The following is an illustration of a typical scenario:

Protection at construction sites A building site that houses a variety of costly gear will require additional protection in order to ward off unwelcome criminals. Ring fences might be erected around the areas in which the equipment is parked, or the supplies are kept. Anyone who enters these regions throughout the night and then crosses the virtual tripwires will immediately set off an alert, which will then activate the clever deterrent sequence.

Search intelligently for footage

Security cameras with Artificial Intelligence have the capacity to search through footage by utilizing phrases to identify persons who were in the film and discover the precise second in the video that they were in. This is another excellent function that intelligent cameras bring to the table. That is, assuming you have the option to do a smart search turned on. To assist in locating the person, the camera will first examine the information that it has entered into the system and then search for individuals who have similar characteristics.

You are able to search for the film using a wide variety of parameters, such as the gender of the person in question, the age bracket they fell into, the colour of the t-shirt they were wearing at the time, and even whether or not they were wearing glasses. If you are looking for a specific person, knowing this information is of the utmost importance.

There are a lot of different situations in which having access to this capability might be helpful. Some instances include:

An employee’s car was broken into while they were working overtime, and the intruder stole items from the vehicle before shattering the window and fleeing the scene. This was a company car break-in. You might be able to look through the camera footage using the smart search option, find the person, give the tape to the police so that they can condemn that person, and then eventually launch a lawsuit against that person.

In the event that an employee loses their luggage, which may or may not have contained a corporate laptop, you are able to do an intelligent search to determine whether or not they had possession of the computer at any point in time. This implies that you do not need to go back and seek a lost item by going over each individual frame in agonizing detail.

Smart motion detection

The fact that older camera systems with warnings pick up on everything that moves is one of the things that users find to be the most frustrating aspect of these systems. Because the continuous alarms are so taxing, most people eventually resort to shutting off the alerts so that they may have some peace and quiet. Which, as a result, utterly negates the objective of making an investment in safety.

The fact that older camera systems depended solely on the process of detecting changes in the colour of individual pixels is the root cause of these triggers. They would flag this up as a threat the instant they noticed a significant number of pixels changing at any particular time. This would then cause the alarm to go off. A false positive is another name for this kind of result.

Intelligent cameras, on the other hand, have the ability to correctly differentiate between humans and vehicles and other things that have the potential to trigger false positives, such as moving flags, blowing trees, wild animals, and, believe it or not, raindrops. Intelligent cameras also have the ability to distinguish between people and animals. In addition, modern cameras are able to recognize humans on the screen even when there are a number of other moving things present on the screen at the same time.

Supporting features

Security cameras with Artificial Intelligence have a possibility of setting off a false alert that is far lower than 2% because of the built-in motion-detecting technology. Previously, this risk stood at 98%.

As you can see, installing clever AI camera systems may make a significant improvement to your level of security. These systems can also increase the likelihood of apprehending a criminal, which is preferable to be left with stolen property and expensive damage. If you are interested in protecting your company with efficient security measures, get in touch with one of our security specialists as soon as possible to discuss purchasing biometric access control, biometric readers, or facial scanners for your company. If you are looking to protect your company from criminals, you should do so.

In addition to simplifying the process of finding photographs of dogs, machine learning has also had an effect on video surveillance. Your house in Westwood, California, may have an upgraded degree of protection that is both more effective and more intelligent with the help of AI security camera systems. Continue reading down below to find out more information about the benefits of using AI security cameras.


The addition of AI provides an additional layer of intelligence, allowing you to be alerted to events that are genuinely significant. Cameras are only able to monitor activities in a portion of the area that is visible to them. For instance, if a camera at your home in Westwood also overlooks a bit of a street, you may program it to ignore cars that drive by and just watch for motion near your front door. This will allow you to monitor the area immediately in front of your house. On the other hand, you have the ability to be notified whenever a car drives into your driveway. The camera system is also capable of intelligently tagging what it sees. As a result, if you wish to search for a blue vehicle that was spotted, you can easily access the film containing that search.

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